10 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Living Room Stand Out

beautiful scandi eclectic style living room

Decorating the living area can be a tricky task when you’ve got a tight budget. Not to mention that the size of this living room is generally the most problematic element of the decoration procedure. It’s the common area of the whole household, in which you use to spend our evenings and you want to make it as welcoming as possible.     No matter the design you need to go for, one thing is certain: large or small size, you don’t need to overload the living room with much decorations or furniture.

Picture: © Irene Sandved Lunde / BOLIG PLUSS

Fortunately, interior designers continue producing the easiest décor ideas to be able to fulfill every room dimensions, want, taste, and budget.

So let us take a look at 10 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Living Rooms Stand Out with glamour on a minimal price.


light blue living room wall painting color


  1.  Wall Painting


The color you will select for your living room walls are the most important choice you’ll make as all of the decorations, their color paletteor the décor theme is going to be based off onto it.

Paint in light colors and colors if you would like to visually increase the size of a small living space. You don’t like white? Choose cream, pale brown, light-blue, gray, or pale peach color. They are pleasant, open, bright and they are easier to accessorize with different things in the room. By way of instance, if you go for a pale brownish painting, the color of the ornaments could be neutral nuances like a pale pink coffee table, dramatic coffered couches or cream rug. Such combination will add refinement to your living space.    


But, choosing light colors for smaller rooms isn’t a rule. The inside layout should match your personality and when dark colors are your favorite, then do it. A dark color can add an elegant touch and it’ll make your living room look larger by the easy truth that it blurs the edges of the walls. In order to not make a too dark setting, be certain that you add bright coloured decorations and furniture like white drapes, light blue couches or yellow vases just so that you can balance the appearance.

Picture: The Enchanted Home


Hint: you can decorate your walls with easy decorative stickers based on the painting you picked. By way of instance, a light-blue painting will produce a springy and delicate appearance if accessorized with white floral motif stickers.


cozy gray living room with pillows

2.   Pillows


Pillows are undoubtedly the greatest decorative accessory you could buy. Cosy, yet tasteful, pillows can brighten up your living space in addition to your sofa. Depending on the colors of the walls or furniture, there are a wide range of designs, colors and feel that you can choose from:-LRB-*******)

Natural lively palette (i.e. yellow, green) for brown couch

Large golden and crimson pillows for green couch

Hint: don’t forget that you could mix the colours should you not want your décor to be matchy-matchy. For Instance, if you have a gray sofa with gray or white cushions, add few orange cushions for a hot and lively touch.    

Picture: Real Simple


living room with light blue wall white sofa and oversized wall art

3.   Size of The Furniture


Pick furniture depending on the size of your living space. Even if a big sofa offers more comfort, experts recommend choosing a more streamlined version that doesn’t occupy quite much space. The same principle goes for coffee table or shelving units.   if you would like to refresh your space with cheap and stunning pieces of furniture, Leekes can help you make it simpler than ever. It provides you with smart & trendy decor items and every other thing you will need to design your own room.



elegant living room with large chandelier

4.   Chandeliers

Antique or contemporary, chandeliers are the most tasteful items of your living room which will add a subtle and warm atmosphere around the room. Furthermore, local lighting does wonders, designers say. Thus, don’t be afraid to use lamps, spotlights or candles.

Hint: to get a comfy atmosphere, use wall lighting. They include different, gorgeous designs like floral or rustic.

Picture: Vogue


small living room with mirror wall decor

5.)     Mirrors

The mirrors may be used to provide the sensation of a bigger space. Like the lighting items, mirrors come under amazing shapes, sizes and designs so as to coordinate with your fantasies and themes. You can either choose a circular decorated mirror to get a fashionable décor or you can pick a swirly shaped mirror if you would like to complete your contemporary décor.

Hint: Place mirrors close to the window in front of the window to light the space.

Image: Christy Wright for Style at Home


light blue and brown living room with yellow flowers

6.   Flowers

Flowers never go out of fashion. Irrespective of your living room’s dimensions, little or large potted ferns with flowers will produce a fresh, vibrant, and gentle atmosphere. Ideally is to place the Huge green plants at the corners of the room and as you go to the Middle of the space

Hint: Whether you chose a bright or dark wall painting, add flowers which colors either suit or light the space (i.e. sun flowers for a blue-navy/brown wall painting or red roses for a cream color).



small gray living room with hardwood flooring

7.   Hardwood Floor

Same as the wall painting, the flooring is an important foundation for the rest of your décor. Although carpets is more conventional and used, designers indicate that hardwood flooring is the ideal option. Hardwood is timeless, elegant and a good investment if you’re planning to purchase the house. In any case, it goes perfect with whatever theme you may select. Whether it’s contemporary or scenic, there are various kinds of wood and colours it is possible to select for a lavish, warm or futuristic look.

Hint: Cherry wood is usually an expensive, but you can either go for walnut, oak wood or for laminate wood at very affordable costs (make sure that the laminate flooring is of great quality as you would like it to last long).


traditional living room with pink curtains

8.   Window Treatments

What a living area be without window treatments? When choosing the fabric of the window treatments, you need to be wise and buy those that don’t only have an elegant component, but also resist longer such as cotton or silk. If you fancy something more rustic or contemporary, you can choose wood or vertical louvre blinds.



scandi syle living room idea with white sofa

9.   Less is Better

While each of the above suggestions can make a positive difference for your interior design, keep in mind that you don’t need to add everything in the living room. The less decorative items you’ve got the more relaxed and open the space will appear. Pick the items which fit your personality and décor.

Picture: Immy & Indi


scandi syle living room idea with gray sofa

10.   Cleanness

Yes! Among the very best ways to earn your living space stand out no matter the trend or theme is to keep it clean. A cluttered living room will always create an uncomfortable atmosphere and it’ll certainly deliver a negative vibe.

Picture: Immy & Indi


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