10 Steps to Create a Cottage-Style Bedroom

Cottage Style Bedroom design

Nowadays, our homes have become the embodiments of our preference for a living, allowing us to escape the remainder of our contemporary lifestyle that revolves around unending work and obligations. Cottage-style houses have become all the rage at the moment, since they help us escape into a slower and more peaceful ambiance that heals us. From the gorgeous furniture collections proudly sporting the hand-crafted appearance to the harmonious colors and patterns on the crockery sets, everything from the cottage-style décor defines chic art that elevates your comfy home into a stylish status.

Picture: The LILY PAD Cottage

Obviously, redecorating your bedroom to match the cabin life will require the ideal sets of furniture, drapes, quilts and backgrounds. Even the items that you use for display should match the cabin theme. While this job might seem challenging at first, it will be really easy to do if you followed the 10 simple steps and cabin bedroom ideas mentioned under:-LRB-*****)


Cottage Style Bedroom design 2

1.) Keep to the basics

The reason cottage-style works so well is because it uses a very basic layout. Before you begin planning the renovation, think about the items you’ll have to create your bedroom complete. Always use what’s unnecessary. Producing the cottage style is all about taking the simplest necessities, and providing them a nice makeover that’s fashionably trendy.

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2. Use soft palette of colors

The cottage-style favours botanical colors. Beautiful, soft colors of green, shabby pink, light apricot are the typical favourites. By pairing them with colors of light contrast such as soft red, you can create a beautiful look that may create a relaxing mood.

Picture: Better Homes & Gardens


Cottage Style Bedroom design 4

3. Stained furniture

This assists in creating more of a classic or shabby look that’s graceful. If you’re using wooden furniture, you can buy them second hand to maintain the renovation procedure under budget. All you’ve got to do is give it a fresh coat of paint and a few stained colors for the antique appearance. Buy furniture which have soft curves or straight edges, but have less ornate details to keep them from appearing too ostentatious.

Picture: Country Sampler


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4. Wicker and Iron furnishings

It isn’t too uncommon to find iron and wicker furnishings in a cottage-style bedroom. You can make them more comfortable to use by placing down beautiful quilts on them that bear nice floral designs. Finish the look by adding a few pillows also.

Picture: Joss & Main


Cottage Style Bedroom design 6

5.) Armoires

An armoire in the bedroom produces a really nice antique look which aids in creating the bedroom cosier and more comfy. Make their surfaces stained so that they emulate the shabby chic look which cottage-styles are almost always incomplete without.



Cottage Style Bedroom design 7

6.   Curtains

be sure to use floor length drapes which bear soft colors that contrast the color of the walls beautifully. Try something creative by using old tablecloths that could create the rustic charm from the cottage-style bedroom.

Picture: savvy southern design


Cottage Style Bedroom design 8

7. Plants

Which cabin is complete without potted plants? Consider setting a wire rack on one wall beside the window with some wonderful modest plants in glass jars. You can even display these potted plants on the window sill also.

Picture: Better Homes and Gardens


Cottage Style Bedroom design 9

8.   Accessorise à la cottage-style

If you’ve got a little desk in your bedroom, you can keep all of your books and newspapers in exquisite boxes and folders which have soft green-gray colors.

Picture: Kelly Deck Design


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9. Natural flooring

A great deal of cottage-style homes use wood flooring to provide a more natural feel. You could also use stone flooring to create a similar look.

Picture:  Interior layout: Flik by Design Photography Donna Griffith for styleathome


Cottage Style Bedroom design 11

10. Lampshades

No cottage-style bedroom is complete without a wonderful lampshade on the table. Use colors that are white, with very little design on them.

Picture: housetohome


These 10 measures will retransform your bedroom into a beautiful cottage-style abode that you will always love!


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