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10 Steps to Create the Best Boy’s Nursery Room

boy's Woodland Nursery room idea

# & What8217;s more exciting than just crafting a nursery area for a small bundle of joy which’s going to arrive into your loved ones? From picking out the boy’s nursery theme to painting the walls there are a whole lot of ways that you can uniquely design the space to your new baby. And while it’s often believed that a baby girl’s space is simpler to decorate, which’s not always true. There are now more boy-friendly nursery designs and decorations to choose from, which makes it incredibly fun and easy to make an unbelievably cute and trendy baby boy nursery. Need some ideas? Have a look at the easy steps below for effortless inspiration!

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soft gray paint idea for boy's nursery room

1.) Paint

Painting the walls would be the simplest (and cheapest) way to transform a normal room into a nursery! Of course most people today think blue when they’re designing a boy’s space, but this isn’t compulsory. It’s really best to go with neutral colours which are tranquil, like soft grays, creamy yellows, and light blues.

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soft blue and gray paint idea for boy's nursery room

2. Find Your Furniture


When the paint has dried, it’s time to get shopping! The furniture you select will be the foundation for the decoration for the remainder of the room, so be certain that you choose something neutral (if that’therefore what you like). Here are some of the most important pieces of furniture:-LRB-*****)

– Dresser
– Changing Table
– Rocking Chair
– Crib
– Bassinet
– Ottoman with Hidden Storage

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blue Compass Rug for a nautical theme boy's room nursery


3. Select a Rug


A rug will be beneficial if you’ve got hard flooring, but it’ll also add a gorgeous touch of style to the space. Just be certain to chose something that matches readily; it doesn’t need to be cartoon characters.

Picture: project nursery



Flip or Flop's Christina el Moussa Baby Boy's Nursery

4. Make it Safe

Baby proofing your nursery is something you won’t repent. It’ll give you peace of mind by adding an additional layer of security for when your baby starts to become cellular.

Picture: Christina el Moussa


Modern Grey, Navy and White Baby Boy Nursery wall decor idea

5. Decorate the Walls

Keep it simple with wall decorations so the room doesn’t overwhelm you. Perhaps an example of an elephant framed on one wall along with your little boy’s title in letters across from his crib. Vinyl wall decals are also great options since they readily come from the wall without causing harm.

Picture: project nursery


soft gray paint idea with black and white decor for boy's nursery room

6. Cover the Bed

Pick crib mattress with a cute pattern or print onto it for a modern and lasting appearance in the nursery (stripes are fantastic for a boy’s nursery). This is going to be much easier to match with decoration than a cartoon print, and is easy to locate as well. As soon as you’re done with that you’ll be able to hang the phone on the crib.

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nursery built in closet idea

7. Install Storage

If you don’t have a good deal of storage installed in the area, then you’ll want to construct shelving or other storage components which will hold toys, clothes, and other baby items. Among the best ideas is to construct a wood block storage unit which you can place modest baskets into for simple access.

Picture: 2 twenty one

Moby Whale Baby boy Quilt and two cushion covers, (grey) from alphabet

8. Bring in Warmth

Bring in plush throw blankets, soft cushions, and cuddly cushions to make the room extra comfortable for you and your little man.

Picture: Moby Whale Baby boy Quilt and 2 cushion covers, (gray) from alphabet



boy's baby nursery room dimming lamp

9. Purchase a Dimming Lamp

When the nursery doesn’t have dimming lights, then put in a dimming lamp which you can use while putting the baby to bed. # & You8217;ll be glad you’ve got this when you want light but don’t need to turn on the brights!





10. Complete the Decor with Necessities

The final step is to add in all the necessities! Diapers, wipes, a garbage can, diaper rash ointment, baby monitor, burping cloths, and additional towels are simply a couple of the things you’ll want to have within reaching distance.


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