19th Century Greek House Has Been Carefully Restored To provide a London-based Family

Perched on the cliff edge in Plaka, the major town on the Greek island of Milos, this 19th century home was carefully restored by k studio, to supply a London-based family with an authentically traditional yet functional summer retreat.

Originally constructed in 1813, the home is effectively a 200-year-old rock organism. Unlike more recent construction styles, it’s not made up of different elements, nearly every part was constructed in stone. We were eager to honor this organism, leaving the 60cm thick walls untouched and performing a very precise and deliberate operation in the construction with minimal intervention. We removed more recent structural additions to revive the original intention of the plan and all new elements are assembled with traditional methods using locally sourced materials. Restricted access due to the narrow roads within Plaka supposed that these substances had to be carried by hand from the closest road up through the village into the house.

Originally the house was split into two zones; the ground floor as the primary living and entertaining area and the cellar, dug out of the mountain stone, as utility and storage space. We wanted to preserve the contrasting characters of both floors whilst re-distributing their programmatic use.

The cave-like lower level is now a quietly calming guest suite, separated and personal yet only a couple steps down from the main house. Walls are roughly completed, after the natural surface of the stone, the floor is laid with organically organized slate stone and natural light is reduced because of the little openings and reduced ceiling height.

The lofty, light-filled upper level has the primary living areas inside it, adjusted to match modern family life. The entrance courtyard was transformed with the elimination of a 1990’s concrete slab ceiling and its replacement with an elegant bamboo pergola. We’ve added a shower, a sink and hanging for beach towels so the space is currently used as a post-beach ‘de-sanding zone’ before entering the main house.

Inside easy, raw finishes supply cooling respite. Slate and wood flooring and unpainted walls permit the home to breathe and bespoke crafted furniture and fittings admire the local style whilst integrating state of the art appliances and technologies. This is especially true of the kitchen, initially within a smaller area elsewhere it’s now a large, professionally equipped yet traditionally designed space for everyday use as well as extended family gatherings. A new mezzanine from the children’s bedroom frees up useful play area and gives the chance for an en-suite toilet and wardrobe whilst at the living room a fresh fireplace creates a focal point and helps transform the house into a welcoming, family room.


Photography: Vangelis Paterakis


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