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A Scandinavian Home In Italy

Scandinavian Home In Italy

It is not easy to bring the native style of a particular nation and mix it into a home in another country. While it may appear hopeless, one Niki Brantmark is specialist that has brought her native Scandinavian home design to various cities. As an example, she included her Swede living in this house in Italy.

The home is situated in a very small village, 30 minutes from Milan city. Niki lives with her husband, together with their three kids. The design of the home is what makes it outstanding.

The Scandinavian Style

Niki has attracted her native Swede living in this Italy-based residence, and the significant part is that the multiple decorations of rustic components, along with furniture that is understated. The walls are painted white to give the house an airy appearance, which can be accompanied by green plants in various areas.

Additionally, you will find basket chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to improve the aesthetic aspect. She’s not included curtains and curtains on the windows, likely to allow more natural light to flow in the home. However, there’s a thick gray curtain on the door that leads to the balcony.
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Bringing in the outside

Apart from the numerous green plants used all over the home, the home utilizes natural light to the max. There are numerous large windows that bring in natural light to brighten up the home. The house also includes a balcony which overlooks a neighboring home. The balcony features the typical sparkling-white motif, and there’s a classy water hyacinth sofa that adopts the environment friendliness.

The bedroom keeps the white theme, with a round ring above the bed, and a dangling ring on a single side of the mattress. It has a very simple style, but it seems quite elegant. The living room features cozy gray couches that match the white theme perfectly. Basically, the whole house comes with a rustic motif with a additional use of environmental-friendly furniture and other components.

Generation: GLORIA / Photography: Krista Keltanen / Via: MY SCANDINAVIAN HOME


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