A Small Space With Big Ideas

A Small Space With Big Ideas

This beautiful studio loft styled flat combines two very interesting concepts: alloy wood and material. This combination is widespread through the interior design of the room, and it works!

Nearly everywhere you look now, metal is a sexy interior trend. Everything from aluminum and brass to aluminum and stainless steel has made it’s way into different décors from art deco to rustic to modernistic designs.

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Daring having an industrial touch, this flat has managed to create a cozy environment in a limited space without overcrowding the area. The design is meticulously planned with every item in its rightful place creating an even flow. The metal accents reflect the modern minimalism of the interior layout. With the living room and cooking area fantastically merged into a functional space, the impact which metal has on the general look of the decor is striking. Especially, with the floor to ceiling metal burning furnace.

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The Chesterfield inspired couch (you can always recognize this sort of couch because of the curled arms equal in height to the trunk and the embedded buttons and nail-head trimming) highlights the comfort component, so crucial in such a tiny space. It is axiomatic, but not overpowering. Another interior layout technique that adds comfort is the eye catching accent wall of photographs hanging from the ceiling. A grouping of photographs is always an interesting talking point and in several cases help to “break the ice” in awkward social situations!

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Light hued flooring similar to European birch can help to broaden the distance. Although the kitchen area shares the exact same place, it has its own distinctive market. The white tiled backsplash and wall help with maintaining the illusion of a larger spacial dimension. Glossy metal is more than an accent in this small kitchen, it is very sanitizing and contrast beautifully with the hardwood flooring. Stainless steel appliances include the perfect touch of glamor to the ambiance of the room. There are additional metallic accents with the microwave, utensils, and cookware. The total concept is superb!

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The entryway is expanded with a superbly manicured framed mirror, and the accent wall adds a certain pizazz. The space is small but not cramped. It’s a good example of clever manipulation of a restricted space.

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The sleeping area in the attic is a exceptional way to expand the distance while preserving the decorous comfort level. It’s the ideal way to make a one-bedroom illusion in one room dwelling.

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This studio flat is reflective of all of the qualities that produce a little space worth investing in. With various finishes and creativity, this house is the epitome of creativity with down-to-earth applications.

Pictures: Alexander White



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