Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star

Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star

Blend country music celebrity and living room makeover. Penny for your thoughts? An olden home at a barn spruced up with some cowboy hats, a thorn-filled cactus, and possibly a few stringed instruments.

Hmm..let’s rewind a little. There’s a much more contemporary, charming spin on that picture. Think bright white with elegant gold and brass accents, little potted cacti, rustic hardwood floors and character’s components encompassing a beautiful Western flair.  

Elise Larson of A Beautiful Mess ventured excitedly with Kacey Musgraves, nation singer-songwriter, in her living room project. Both communicated through a personal Pinterest board, sending their own thoughts, inspiration, and flea market finds. Together they created a remarkable fusion of this identifying Nashville charm and chic ladylike adornments that perfectly match the country star.

sterile white walls, tall ceilings and windows make an overall pleasant atmosphere. The doorway, constructed with a glass window, makes the area even brighter with natural light passing through. It arrives in the perfect orange color, plain yet striking since it stands out in the whiteness of this space. Guess what’s near the entryway? A cowboy hat, in dark pink of course!

The Musgrave home invites you into a chic living room full of warmth and coziness. Sitting on the cute light pink couch provides you a stunning view of the large whitewashed fireplace. It’s lined with a sleek arrangement of different cacti plants in small pink and white pots. Over the ornate centerpiece is an attractive, intricate wall embellishment in light brown shade.

Two butterfly chairs cradling ivory cowhide throws sit on each side of the fireplace, centering a distinctively outlined wooden coffee table. A much larger white pot with a tall and big cactus plant is stood on one side. The whole living room scene is placed atop a classy, patterned rug covering the wooden floor, right under a statement light. Contemporary bits and rustic accents of country living generate a gorgeous juxtaposition that puts everything in place.

Plenty of shelving supply storage and additional aesthetics in a fixture which blends from the fireplace background, with more windows to keep the homey atmosphere. The white coloured shelves hold a selection of Kacey’s private picks and exquisite Western-style decoration, like crafts, books, wooden decorations, and detailed gold and brass figurines.

Cactus decoration are seen in a variety of presentations, from actual plants in all sizes to miniature carved displays to fun wall stickers. Hanging plants scatter green throughout the pristine area. Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star 2 Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star 3 Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star 4 Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star 5 Chic Living Room Makeover Fit For A Country Star 6



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