Cozy Factory Hall Home

Cozy Factory Hall Home

If you are a fan of classic, then you are going to love this home design. Over a decade ago, this was only an empty mill hall with old flooring, deteriorated power grid and squared off arc windows. It was among those abandoned architectural stone in Southern Germany, waiting to be uncovered. The building’s two spacious, empty floors offer a massive field for creativity. I am really happy that its new owners, Petra and Eddie, have managed to give it a fantastic use.

Nowadays, this Factory Hall home is a excellent illustration of this modern shabby chic design. Over the past decades, Petra and Eddie were collecting vintage furniture. The tables, cabinets and desks were repainted several times, until the collector’s items ended being at a monochrome colour scheme. Every little detail has been considered.

The home looks slightly old-fashioned from the exterior. Its walls have a raw brick texture painted white. The brick wall texture could also be seen in one of the inside walls. On the flip side, that provides this house a exceptional touch and reminds us that this superb place once was a mill.

Inside, you will find an inviting living room, also used as a reception room for Petra’s customers. She designed the space on a sense that it acts as a excellent background for photo shoots. Large arc windows provide a great deal of sunlight, which is a dream made true for any photographer.

The inside furniture does not have a unified fashion, but each piece combines harmonically as a result of their colour pattern and classic style. Colours are white for the walls, ceiling and floor. The largest pieces of furniture, such as the main dining table, the carpet and shelves are in light brown tones. The smallest ones, such as the seats and the cozy dining table stand are dark brown, nearly black. Cozy Factory Hall Home 2 Cozy Factory Hall Home 3 Cozy Factory Hall Home 4 Cozy Factory Hall Home 5

Petra is especially in love with industrial furniture. She enjoys pieces which have scratches, marks of use, pieces which have a story behind them. By way of instance, the daybed in the small conservatory was her 14 year old daughter’s cot bed.

There are Petra’s personal office at a tiny extension that they made of metal. That conservatory feels cozy due to the combination of its black painted metal wall, plenty of natural light, coming out of the big windows and the wooden table, made in raw wood. Cozy Factory Hall Home 6 Cozy Factory Hall Home 7 Cozy Factory Hall Home 8 Cozy Factory Hall Home 9 Cozy Factory Hall Home 10 Cozy Factory Hall Home 11 Cozy Factory Hall Home 12 Cozy Factory Hall Home 13 Cozy Factory Hall Home 14

When you climb the wooden minimalistic staircase, you will find that the second floor feels slightly different than the initial one. Its sleek, snow-white walls, ceiling and floor are contrasting with different dark details like a seat, a monochrome painting and a few black door handles. That contrast provides the second floor a remarkably spacious feeling. There you can get the TV room, bath, bedrooms and Eddie’s office.

Pictures: Stylejuiser, INTERVIEW & PHOTOGRAPHY | Petra Reger, Wertvoll Fotografie


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