Dream Hamptons Summer Home

Dream Hamptons Summer Home

It isn’t simple to discover a man helping his wife in the home improvement jobs, particularly if they hold a title that is notable. But for Mark and Blythe Harris, that is not the case. Mark is a chief executive and founder of a tech-based law firm, Axiom Law. Blythe is also a senior officer at a societal shopping company. Mark got involved in the home improvement project with his wife, and together, they created this magnificent summer home.

About The House

This home was designed with various tastes, together with the support of a renowned interior designer, Elizabeth Cooper. Starting from the front door, the home is one that will certainly inspire you. It’s spacious and very airy. The floors are made of wide planks, and the kitchen cabinets are repainted white. This way, there’s a bright environment which also boosts the disposition. Surprisingly, it’s Cooper who created the bright kitchen colours and other interior layouts.
The Joint Forces

You can call them the Three Musketeers, but Cooper, Mark, and Blythe combined forced to provide this summer house an unbelievable look. They comprised nautical-themed antiques, white shiplap walls, natural-fabric rugs, amongst others. Definitely, it is possible to find these components in the local shop, the Hamptons.

Everybody respects the creators of some thing or the history of someplace they value. And as Mark says, they wanted to commemorate the history and feel of this place by bringing in the sea captain thought in the home. This is contained in the front area, which is a sitting area-cum-library as you go into the house. To make it extra sea captain based, they comprised a boat lantern, and there’s a wall of bookcases that concern boating and whaling.

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All For Love’s Sake

Mark could be a committed chief executive of a recognized law firm, but he has a deep passion for art. Aside from that, he wanted to do it for his wife, and the baby to come. In the time of the designing, Blythe was about a month away from giving birth. Mark said he wanted to be certain that the home was ready and welcoming enough for the soon to be born infant.

Fortunately, the majority of the work were based on the aesthetic character. Much of the very important details were already set up. So did Mark get involved since it was only about the decorative, or was he enthused about converting the place into a dream home? In any event, you need to acknowledge that this is a home that brings out the nautical theme in a contemporary way.

So if you wish to prepare a beach house from the shore, you’ll have to apply crisp blue and white colours, natural fabrics, and incorporate the nautical accents.

Pictures: Lonny, Photography by Virginia Rollison


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