Georgian House Filled With Antiques Picked Up Over 17 Years

Georgian House Filled With Antiques

This home is an exhilarating collection of antiques that give it an authentic look and feel. The classic items were meticulously collected by the owners over a period of 17 years, and the resulting appearance is very well worthwhile.
The living area features a table and floor which are made from antique wood, which transports the space to a period of time of an older century. This is offset by the cushions, chair, and sofa that give the room a comfortable and welcoming vibe. To top it off, the walls are decorated with classic artwork of paintings which add to the credibility of the room.

The dining room of this home has a long wooden table, surrounded by 8 wooden seats. The glassware and woodwork help add to the classic look of the home, and the several chairs suggest it’s a really Victorian-era dining table. Above the table, there’s a chandelier made from Italian classic components, and it’s among the most gorgeous things about the space. Also, behind the dining table is a fireplace, with a few wooden art sitting on top of it, that seals the homely and comforting vibe of the room.
The kitchen of the house is exceptional, and it’s slightly different from the other rooms in the home. It’s a brick wall with a window, which makes the kitchen look quite classic. The remainder of the kitchen looks newer. There’s an antique French wine merchant’s sign over the window. This is contrasted with a 1940’s machinist’s lamp that looms over the kitchen table. The kitchen comes with an impressive blend of different viewpoints, both contemporary and old.
The landing is made with the similar classic wood as the rest of the home. The dresser has a different moss colour with scraped wood, making it seem like furniture in the 1920’s. Above it, there’s a painting with some art of a vase and a wooden house, which keeps up with the subject of the house.
In the end, the master bedroom is a significant step away from classic. It has an extremely bright color scheme with white and blue decor. The paintings, made by a French artist, are also a glowing blue depicting a vase. The massive bed with cushions looks cozy and comfy. Georgian House Filled With Antiques 2 Georgian House Filled With Antiques 3 Georgian House Filled With Antiques 4 Georgian House Filled With Antiques 4 Georgian House Filled With Antiques 5 Georgian House Filled With Antiques 6

Georgian House Filled With Antiques 9

This gorgeous home embodies the antique appearance, with realistic art, carvings, and furniture. It makes you believe that you’ve been transported to another period of time. There’s a quiet garden outside with antique stone sculptures. In general, it does an exceptional job at being a classic home.



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