Kids’ Room Full of Adventure

Kids' Room Full of Adventure

Children are angels because despite the desire to change their character every so often, they all pick in these bouts of change is both simplicity and beauty. Maybe that’s the pleasure attached to growing up! This chamber by  Anna Mikhailovna, captures that; the actual spirit that accompanies growing up. A sturdy cosily spread bed and a lone nightstand supporting a lamp take up the middle of the wooden floor heaven but leaving ample space for learning, playing in addition to stowing toys. The walls are a comparison of black chalkboard and cream background carefully used on adjoining sides with attractive images along with a representation of what children love; painting. The hanging works of art further bring out the artistic temperament of the room. A wardrobe, a bookcase and a reading area composed of one chair and a table nearly sums up the furnishings.The cozy yet lively nature of the room can also be enhanced by the maritime themed play area built in the ceiling down. Kids' Room Full of Adventure 2 Kids' Room Full of Adventure 3 Kids' Room Full of Adventure 4


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