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Open Kids Bookcase, Design by Christophe Boulin

Open kids bookcase mathy by bolbs

Getting children interested in reading is 1 thing – getting them interested in keeping their books properly can be another thing entirely! The Jules open children bookcase out of mathy by bolbs‘ Arbres Collection might be a way out of the issue. Designer Christophe Boulin has obviously taken the view that caring for books ought to be as entertaining as reading them so how can this bookcase step up in real life?
The wooden bookcase is quite easy on the eye, with its distinctive tree layout available in a tiny but well-chosen selection of colors. Light green is possibly the most instantly appealing option, but grey may be a better option if your children are prone to getting hands that aren’t necessarily totally clean. Securely attached to the corner of a desk/bunk unit, it certainly looks well integrated with other children furniture.

Books can be saved on the open shelves place within the “branches” of this tree. There aren’t a enormous number of them, so this might not be the ideal bookcase for an older, more confident reader – even though it’s possible that they could use it to showcase their favorite titles. One potential issue is that it’s quite simple for a stray arm to knock a book from the shelf on the floor, and damaged books are not any fun whatsoever!

The interior surface of the tree wraps round the corner of the bunk bed. There are shelves there, too, so your children will have the ability to grab a book to read in bed. Anything which encourages kids to read is a fantastic thing, though you might not be so enthusiastic if they’re still awake at midnight! Particularly active kids will have to see they don’t knock the shelves, but these shouldn’t get in the way while they’re sleeping.

The Jules bookcase is a fun, original approach to children furniture, and one children will love showing for their friends when they’re finished. Though its capacity is limited, it creates a excellent alternative for storing – and showcasing – some especially well-loved books. The high quality wood and attractive paint seem like creating this bookcase a true favorite.

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