Recreate a French Style Bedroom

Recreate a French Style Bedroom

Pairing traditional French Country furniture with period style soft furnishings, relaxing, soft pastel shades and the occasional strategically positioned flourish creates the ideal, definitely feminine, ‘tres chic’ style French Country bedroom. A style that is both elegant and comforting at the same time, people seeking a bedroom décor idea which will make the perfect soothing and restful sanctuary won’t be disappointed when deciding upon the French Country style. Perfectly blending the old and the new with a distinctive air of equilibrium and harmony, this kind of décor reflects centuries’ worth of French design history to make a layout that although simple, isn’t lacking in  comfort or luxury.

The Majestic Country Bed

The French Nation mattress takes center stage in your bedroom, with the space being constructed around it as a key characteristic.   Whether you go for a design that’s ornate, rustic or somewhat plainer, the French Country design is all about the mattress  and making it stand out. Your mattress should be the first thing you see when you walk in the area — after all, it’s your bedroom! For authentic French Country style, start looking for an antique-style mattress that features fine carving and an immaculate sense of style, such as these stunning beds out of Newtons Furniture.

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Bedding and Accessories

Layering your bedding is important to mastering the great French Country bedroom. Start from the bottom up with a crisp white sheet, add a soft duvet and then use cushions, throws and other accessories to be certain your bed is dressed to impress. When it comes to picking bedding, luxury items are a must — select natural fibers, as your  mattress is intended to be just as comfortable as it is beautiful. For bedroom accessories, you need to remember that  even though the mattress is the leading lady in this series, any additional furniture items in your room ought to be in accordance with the overall décor. The French Country style has a certain air of being ‘accumulated over time’, therefore choosing antique-style items such as wardrobes, a dresser, and bedside cabinet is crucial to finish your ideal French Country-inspired dwelling.

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Your Colour Palette

The French Nation colour palette is one which features both gentle pastel shades through to dramatic statement colors,  which range from barely-there blush pinks and soft yellows into cornflower blues and standout dark red or even black, paired with an off white color. When selecting your colour palette, you can be as versatile as you like in order to  be certain that your room is painted in the colour or colours that you love the most. However, bear in mind that the French Country style isn’t over-the- shirt when it comes to colors, so limit your choices to only one or two.   Subtle use of paint effects to create an obsolete, chalky finish is great for a French Country bedroom, and can be  reached easily with a sponge to layer and mix colors.   Now you’re finished with the primary elements of your French Country room, it is time to accessorise with soft  light, antique decorations, and plush fabrics.


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