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Sophisticated Decor That Rocks

Sophisticated Decor That Rocks

You don’t have to see rock star elegance too frequently; however, the house of Sheryl Crow, the grammy winning American musician, is full of stylish elegance and authentic comfort with a bit of Spanish flavor. The interior design is perfectly arranged with an intriguing design, simple furnishing, with a laid-back appeal.

The living room features a comfortable seating arrangement using a modular couch and cozy fireplace. The American boneshaker bicycle and genuine lighting work superbly with the massive space. Tall windows illuminate the space with natural lighting.

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The kitchen area is full of rustic accents such as the terracotta flooring, white exposed brick, marble counter top, and beautiful accents. The area benefit from the beauty of natural materials and combines the varying textures to improve the country style ambiance.

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The library is an enclave that’s not just a place of repose, but a space for quiet chats and silent get-togethers.

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The dining room takes on a casual, rustic, yet regal atmosphere with Spanish influences. A long dining table and high-back seats, with darker colors and accents, bounce from the white walls which help expand the space while keeping a cozy feel. The exposed checkered, monotoned wood ceiling complements the furnishings in the room and highlights the rustic theme.

Sheryl Crow's bedroom

The bedroom includes easy styling with ethnic undertones. The love of nature is evident within the area with the taxidermy on the wall and out with the gorgeous natural surroundings and wild shrubbery.

Sheryl Crow's black and white traditional bathroom design

The toilet is stark but mellow. Black, glossy tiles are always striking and tempered with a black and white motif, it’s a sure winner. The accent Persian styled carpet adds a fascinating contrast. The colours are vibrant but not overbearing. The bathroom space keeps a quiet, classy tone.

Sheryl Crow's spanish staircase Sheryl Crow's cozy spanish traditional corner Sheryl Crow's traditional spanish style home office

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Obviously in the house of a musician, you’d anticipate an area designed to honor their artwork. Though the most portion of the house is somewhat sophisticated and cozy, the instrumentalist area has pink walls with soft furnishings. The feminine touches are evident in this region.


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