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Sophisticated Gray Interior

Sophisticated Gray Interior

Thinking about upgrading your interior design? Check out this fashionable Scandinavian home. It has a strong focus on grey, with charcoal rooms and layout so far as the eye can see. It’s also slick, sexy, and ultra modern.

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This home’s predominantly all-gray interior motif and open plan go perfectly together. Standing in the kitchen, grey sterling steel countertops and glossy charcoal cupboards face opposite a metallic kitchen table that functions as a wine storage unit. Small touches, like a marble bust and an onyx vase with a plant, add a little warmth to the compact kitchen space that contributes to the living area.

A little couch bed with charcoal and white cushions, a furry black and white rug, a round standing dining table, hanging side lamp, two seats, and a spectacular grey and white marble round table sit comfortably in this living room with walls in soft grey. 1 chair is tall and wooden, while another is furry as can be! It provides a comfy, warming touch to a sophisticated but cool room. Add a few black and white framed photographs, a silver textured pillow, clear glass vases, and a couple of plants, and obviously a trendy hanging chandelier, and the area is complete.

Make the front door white and include mirrors to the length of any narrow hallway to bring the appearance of more room! All in all, the gray tones help pull everything together but also allow for increased emphasis of the colors which are added, such as lush green indoor plants or a paler white marble bust. Additionally, it makes any attributes in shining chrome or black, like the sink, stand out and seem really great.

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Go grained wood for the flooring if you want that extra contrast. With such a gray-dominant interior layout, some hardwood flooring or white tile in the bathroom will offer some aesthetic relief. An all-white toilet and sink, chrome shelving and shower head, a huge mirror, and decked out in mild blue-green floor tile and white marble wall tiling make this toilet seem inviting and clean. Some gray and black touches using a plant or two bring the layout complete circle.

Can you reside in this stunning Scandinavian home? Is this layout changing how you think about grey themes or monochromatic interior layouts? We’d like to hear what you think! Leave a comment down below.

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