The Vacation House of Lexington’s Owner

Lexington's Owner Vacation House

There are homes that have good exterior but still can stun you as soon as you get to experience remarkable world that lies inside. The trendy house of Lexington’s Owner, in the resort city of Marbella is one such residence. The rustic feel of this roof, that strikes you once you step into the living room combined with the contrasting whites onto the walls in addition to the opulent seats, will place you at ease.

The windows are wide, the designer’s way of making sure the home makes great use of natural light. Apart from the gorgeous extravagance of the windows, you will find the white curtains matching the comfy furniture. The living room exudes life especially once you think about the combo of rustic décor and functional furniture such as the minimalist lamp stand and the side table that houses various types of art such as hand woven baskets.

The fireplace, that thick mantelpiece over it and the thick rug on the living room floor, finish a lavish adornment that just stylish clothes experts and decorators can conjure. Needless to say, the decorative artefacts such as Lexington-themed cushions and other draperies only serve to enhance the relaxation the designer sought to make.

The kitchen is simple with an elaborate cabinetry painted white. This motif certainly accentuates the expanse of the cooking area. It as such is extravagant considering the layout intentionally omits a kitchen island. A sink overlooks the space beside the cooking area while chic yet stylishly designed utensil holders, cutting boards and other fittings, grant this distance its requisite character.

Like every living room in this home, the kitchen also has prints of Lexington. The dish wipes particularly, are a small prominent but are the fruit baskets. The kitchen countertop, done in high quality wood, takes centre stage as the primary feature of the entire place.

Bedrooms in this home have three excellent qualities. They’ve an energy which natural light makes potential, opulent windows which help breath this mild to life and an intricate beauty that just the contrast of white walls and brown cabinets and drape boards can make come alive. The comfy beds all feature bits and pieces of Lexington themed draperies and pillows.

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This house’s greatest strength is in using whites particularly in the walls of all of the rooms in addition to the ceiling. This color scheme makes a feeling of expansive living spaces even in cramped spaces such as one of those bedrooms. In all, it’s a excellent holiday home with a beautiful outdoor atmosphere.



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