The Value of Distressed Wood Bathroom Countertop

Distressed Wood Bathroom Countertop

Distressed toilet wood countertops are both practical and beautiful. They are warmer than stone and quartz and provide a richer look than laminate or solid surface. Distressed wood has been popular since the 80’s, but in the past few decades, there has been a remarkable surge in this green remodeling thought. This is wood that finds another life as a new bathroom countertop after being retrieved from factories, barns, and other structures.

Installing distressed wood in your house comes with a range of benefits. First, understand that this timber is sustainable. It’s fairly true to say that’s an environmentally sustainable source, unlike marble and granite. Additionally it is an outstanding contrast to the more common bathroom materials such as marble, glass, tile, and granite since it’s warmer and includes a rich texture. Engineered timber is, even more, sustainable. As opposed to demolishing a warehouse or a different construction, wood is carefully brought down and refinished. Using distressed wood is arguably an extremely sustainable way of getting new bathroom countertops.

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Constructed from hardwood pieces laminated together with strong glue for stability and durability, these forests give a natural and warm landing surface on your bathroom, one which is amazingly gentle. Because of this, distressed wood hasn’t been more popular. It’s the power of creating its way from bars to elegant master baths. Unlike recently sourced timber, distressed wood has a special appearance since it’s been weathered to give it another appearance. It is going to always have a special personality to it, seem charming, giving a great classic style to your bathroom counter tops. It’s durable and strong as a result of this long-term weather exposure.

As a result of weathering, this timber has undergone growth and contraction due to humidity changes. This sort of exposure is what allows the timber to settle in its final condition for a stronger, powerful, and stable wood plank which could withstand all of the hardships of a toilet life.

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