Warm and Cozy Family Cabin

Warm and Cozy Family Cabin

A married couple with four kids spends most of its winter in Havsdalen in Geilo. An area that’s famous for its ski activities as well with some winter cottages intended to give families the ideal holiday escape from the hustle of a busy town. 1 family shares their experience of a classical Christmas period after having leased various cottages for more than a period of 20 years in deep at the heart of the hills in Geilo.

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A family with children often prefers a cottage with a great deal of space; this great couple opted for a 3 storied mountain cabin. The ground floor acts as a storage for each the skiing accessories in addition to other playing equipment’s, while the other tales function as living room, lounge in addition to bedrooms with a great deal of space. The many rooms are redesigned courtesy of Elin Fossland, who gave the cabin a fresh update by mixing in dull organic colours to compliment the feel of the wood in the cabin.

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A warm home keeps a family happy. Several fireplaces warm the many regions of the rooms. Along with this, the contemporary system of water heater retains all of the temperatures in the home warm during the winter season. Several baths and bathrooms make it much easier to accommodate more than simply their families. What would not create a festive season merrier than having guests over for Christmas?
As a guest the center on the door says it all about this family, you may feel at home by simply being on their doorsteps. It is needless to say you will discover the warm carpeting material after you’re inside. In the stairway, you’re greeted by different photographs that capture timeless memories from walking, skiing or simply some precious minute hang on the walls.
The hall is large and impressive; the terrific wolf skin compliments the wood colours, the dim lights which makes the area looks merry and cheerful, the embers of fire in the fireplace in addition to the cupboard door upholstered with leather; appears to wrap up the elegance which the occupier shares of any of his guests.
The dining room houses a large table capable of hosting more than a couple of guests. Above it a chandelier casing candles allow you to appreciate the artistry of the interior décor. Round the table, you would not fail to see the lovely curtain boxes, complete with matching binders in addition to drapes that match the beauty of the whole place so to speak.

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The lounge is ideal for those lazy mornings; you can relax on the sofa reading your favorite magazine or simply browsing the internet pages going through your beloved interior layouts blog, which you are probably reading at the moment.

Warm and Cozy Family Cabin 5The coffee table is something of a phenomenon as the coarse wood gives it a special feel. The copper-colored lamps by Tom Dixon just explain to you just how much this family values quality. Additionally, the beige drapes with a blackish hemline coming from Holmen Tex talk nothing of perfection and grandeur.
A well-refurbished cabin like it is something of beauty for any family to have. It is a home that may be passed down generations to come for its beauty and the history it holds.

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